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Book Review: One Day

I picked up this book at the library recently and although a “love story” is not usually what I go for, I had hopes for it since it came highly recommended by my friend, Michele.

Having nothing to do today, I decided to start it and see how far I could get. So being a skeptic, it was a surprise to me when I realized I read more than half the book and I just wanted to keep going!

And I did.

The story revolves around two people- Emma and Dexter, and their lives during the anniversary of the day they first met for 20 years. Emma is the everyday girl who loves her classic novels and strives to be a writer herself. Dexter is the privileged good-looking guy who can be a douche.

I really liked the concept of it being a series of snapshots of their lives and it shows how significant this day actually is to them. There were some moments when I wanted to know what happened the day after, but alas, we skip to the next year. Not to say that it bothered me, but the story will grab you and you want to know what happens next in Emma and Dexter’s life!

I absolutely loved Emma. She was a great mix of modest and quick wit and a character I think a lot of women can identify with. She’s the type of person you wish you knew because she’s sincere and genuinely goodhearted, but not without faults.
Dexter, although lovable at times, he was a complete ass most of the time! I suppose he really did play the stereotypical rich-boy with being handsome and a womanizer… and though I wished I could’ve slap him at times, he was a really decent guy underneath that and that’s what Emma saw and loved.

I actually didn’t see the trailer for the upcoming movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (who I loved in Across the Universe!) until after I was done with the book. Not sure if I’ll see it, but it seems like they got it right- at least I recognized some lines from the book!

Anyway, the book was great! A surprisingly fun and emotional love story.

One Day by David Nicholls
Rating: 5/5 stars

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