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Book Review: Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Rhine and Gabriel are on the run after escaping the mansion, but find themselves getting trapped in a carnival-like red district where the proprietor seeks to make a fortune from Rhine.

But with the determination to reach Manhattan to find her brother, Rhine and Gabriel travel through the harsh environment that has plagued the world where the lifespan for females is twenty and twenty-five for males.

Worse still is that her ruthless father-in-law in on their trail and will stop at nothing to get her back to possibly use her as one of his test subjects or even to her death.

My friend gave me an ARC copy she had and I was really excited to read this since I loved the first book, Wither. Although I was somewhat disappointed in the fact that the red district wasn't a huge part in the story, but more of a check point and a means to quickly introduce a couple of characters and get a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I still rooted for Rhine and Gabriel to make it, but didn't think it was necessary to have them acquire a child that really didn't serve a purpose. Other minor check points where Rhine would have something happen to her that replays throughout the rest of the story also seemed unnecessary or too short for me to really care about.

But as far as "on the road" stories go, it was still good read. I enjoyed reading about this world since the first book we were kept sheltered from it. It did make you wonder, as Rhine did, whether or not being in the mansion was really so bad and if escaping was the right choice.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5/5 stars)

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