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About Me

I'm a 28 year old living in New York City, but I'm probably the most boring of all New Yorkers. I enjoy taking walks around the City, shopping with my sister (though she's usually the one doing the shopping), movies and my new found interest- reading!

I never thought of myself as a reader. Heck I've gone through a whole year of not reading! But here I am with this book blog. Modest as it may be, I'm just happy to share my book adventures with you!

I read YA novels and most fiction, though I'm usually hesitant to read anything that's considered a "chick-lit" or heavy on the drama, but if given enough push (sometimes off the cliff) I will read it.

I can't fathom how some people can read multiple books at a time and/or finish multiple books per week! I'm not saying anything bad about those of you that do, but I'm just saying I'm the one book at a time and lucky if I can finish it in a week type gal.

Despite my lack of reading throughout my life, I have always had a habit of not bending the spine or folding the corners and I always remove the jacket off a hardcover while I'm reading it. People are afraid to borrow my books for fear that they will ruin them... for that I'm thankful they're considerate of my (self-diagnosed) OCD.

Happy reading:)


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